National Nutrition Month: 4 Ways to Shop Organic on a Budget

The Canada Food Price Report was recently released, and it forecasts a five to seven percent increase in 2022. In other words, it will cost a family of four nearly $1,000 more to put food on the table. Leading the price hike are dairy products, bakery goods, and vegetables. COVID-19-related disruptions to the food supply…

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4 Ways to Boost Your Mental Health

A woman in white smiling with her eyes closed while holding a yellow smiley face balloon beside her head.

During these years, we have been pushed from our familiar day-to-day routines to the unknown; if you’re feeling burned out, it’s normal to feel this way. Everyone has to deal with some form of stress or anxiety. Remember, your mental health and well-being are essential to you! So, take the time to read some of…

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Awesome Holiday Gift Baskets You Can Get Your Loved

Healthy gift baskets are a great way to show your love this holiday in the most wholesome way. The great thing about gifting healthy snacks – it’s trending and educational. Other than choosing to wrap predictable standard chocolates year after year, why not introduce your friends and family to healthy snacks that aren’t so boring…

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Holiday Gift Guide: Beautify Your Holidays With These Top Selections!

The 10 best gifts for the holiday season! (make your life easier) The Holidays are upon us once again – it’s all about hot cocoa, getting cuddly in our warmest cozies and yes… the anxiety of our shopping for everyone’s gifts. You can count on bath, beauty, body and other kinds of stocking stuffers to…

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4 Essential Supplements for Managing Mood & Stress

Having less stress or being stress-less. Hand turns a cube and changes the word "STRESS" to "LESS".

Feeling a little stressed lately?  Since the current circumstances shifted us from our well-known routines to the unfamiliar, we have all had to deal with some form of stress and anxiety. Giving your body nutrients that help reduce anxiety, manage mood health, and support sound sleep can do wonders. Check out our Nature’s Team picks…

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4 Delicious Ways To Celebrate National Sandwich Month

Sandwiches – our easiest to-go meal. With all the required ingredients to a healthy balanced diet and the ability to customize it to your own liking! Who doesn’t love a tasty, nutritious sandwich? Canadians eat approximately 3.6 billion sandwiches a year! Thanks to John Montagu, the ‘inventor’ of the sandwich, everyone gets the delicious experience…

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Eating Locally & Seasonally: Your Questions Answered

Our 2021 Ontario summer sure has been rainy so far! With all of those millimetres falling, we sure are optimistic that this year’s harvest will be a bountiful one. Did you know that the benefits of eating locally and seasonally can have a very positive impact on your nutrition and your community? Many people also…

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The 7 Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2021 for Organic Dads

A father with a beard, sunglasses and a hat with his son on his shoulders. They both look happy with joyful expressions.

Fathers can generally be difficult to find the perfect gift. So here at Nature’s Emporium, we want to provide you with gift ideas that you can give to show appreciation for that special person. We’ve rounded up the seven best gift ideas for Father’s Day 2021. We also have four wood charcuterie boards courtesy of…

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