The 7 Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2021 for Organic Dads

Fathers can generally be difficult to find the perfect gift. So here at Nature’s Emporium, we want to provide you with gift ideas that you can give to show appreciation for that special person. We’ve rounded up the seven best gift ideas for Father’s Day 2021.

We also have four wood charcuterie boards courtesy of Wood Craft Bros valued at $150 to give away to four lucky winners. Visit our Instagram page for more details and to how to enter.

Every Man Jack Products

On sale until June 24, 2021!

From body wash to beard balm to shampoo and conditioner, Every Man Jack has every man covered when it comes to beauty and skin products. All of these products are made with clean ingredients that are naturally derived and plant-based. This brand will help any dad achieve their grooming goals, all while making sure that this regime is done in a naturally clean manner.  

San Francisco Soap Company’s Man Bars

These excellent soap bars come in many different scents that ensure anyone will find one he will enjoy.

Their unique formulation of ingredients leaves the skin feeling moisturized, soft, clean and will leave the skin lightly scented with a masculine and fresh fragrance.

This soap leaves the skin feeling nourished rather than dry and makes for the perfect gift for any father looking to better his skin.

Cocoon Apothecary Beard Oil

These beard oils come in many different scents, including Muskoka, Humidor, Bay Rum and Ubermint.

Cocoon Apothecary beard oils blend conditioning organic plant oils that soften, smooth and add shine into beards while moisturizing the skin underneath. These oils are the perfect gift for beardos, leaving them with luscious facial hair all while taking care of their skin!

Artisan Farms Prime Rib w/ Salt Block

On sale until June 24, 2021!

It has long been said that the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so show the father figure in your life some love this year with food! With spring coming to an end and summer right around the corner, it is the perfect time of year to enjoy some barbeque. So if any of the fathers you celebrate with this year want some nice barbeque, this is the ideal gift!

Artisan Farms uses naturally raised beef from local farms. As a result, they never alter the growth of their herds. They also maintain ethical animal welfare and sustainable land stewardship at all farms and support family-run farms across Canada.

Bonus Gift Idea: Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Artisan Farm’s prime rib would be a delicious meal prepared on the grill, cooked on top of a Himalayan salt block. However, if you do not own a grill, it is still equally delicious cooked on a Lodge Cast Iron Skillet.

Both are available for purchase in-store!

Orange Naturals ND Shake for Men

An excellent gift for those who are always very conscious of the nutrients that go into their bodies! This shake is a custom formula for men that contains specific nutrients to address male health issues with ingredients like cinnamon for blood sugar support, CoQ10 for cardiovascular health and lycopene for prostate health.

This shake also contains multivitamins, minerals, plant protein, greens and superfruit. All provide a source of essential nutrients and antioxidants for dad’s daily intake.

Fever Tree Premium Mixers (with or without alcohol)

On sale until June 24, 2021!

It doesn’t matter if the person you appreciate this Father’s Day drinks alcohol or not. These mixers pair perfectly with any beverage!

Fever Tree has been pioneering the idea that the importance lies in the mixer since 3/4 of the drink is that, and only the best will do! The ingredients are naturally sourced from around the world and contain no artificial flavourings or sweeteners.

Kick back and relax this Father’s Day with a cold drink that is also guilt-free on behalf of Fever Tree!  

Wooden Boards from Wood Craft Bros.

Wood Craft Bros pride themselves on bringing old wood traditions to an everyday table. The one-of-a-kind creations are made from Canadian black walnut, locally sourced and made in Bradford, ON.

These boards make an incredible gift for any dad who loves to bring a presentation to the dinner table. They are great for charcuterie boards, dating back to the last few hundred years but are now becoming more mainstream. You can serve just about anything on these boards and can be utilized for any occasion!

You can find all of these products at any Nature’s Emporium location. So get in there before Father’s Day while supplies last! Also, check out our latest flyer for these deals and other great offers!

Emily D'Addario


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