Our Mission

Nature’s Emporium was founded in 1993, with a mission to introduce and support a healthy lifestyle based on natural and organic foods in our community. Today, we continue to make good on that commitment, through our efforts in-store, online and in the communities we proudly call home.

Here’s how:

We Only Offer Natural & Organic Foods, Supplements, Whole Body and Home Care Products

We believe that good health begins on farms that grow in partnership with Nature. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to share the world's best natural & organic foods, vitamins & supplements, whole body and home care products.

Our stores offer more than 35,000 natural and organic products to explore, from unique local goods just waiting to be discovered, to the major brands you know and trust.

From our always organic fresh produce department, to our organic and fair trade juice bar and cafe, to our wellness department, where you’ll find all of the leading plant-based brands dedicated to holistic health, you can count on us to connect you with the nourishment you need to Eat Well and Live Better.

We Support Our Communities by Giving Back

We believe that a healthy and whole community can only be built on our shared concern and respect for one another.

That’s why we’ve always invested in our communities, through charitable efforts large and small. From our annual Run or Walk for Southlake, to our ongoing work with Neighbourhood Network, 360 Kids and Mackenzie Health, we’re committed to building strong foundations for thriving communities both locally and beyond.

We Empower Through Education

We believe that nourishing the mind is every bit as important to good health as eating well.

That’s why we’re committed to sharing knowledge and education with our team, our customers and our communities.

To achieve this, we’ve invested in a tremendously skilled and knowledgeable team that includes naturopaths, homeopaths and holistic nutritionists.

We’ve also created our in-store “Living Room” seminar rooms, which host regular healthy cooking classes & guest lectures with the world’s leading wellness experts.

We also make every effort to get out in the community at local events and at local businesses to educate and inform individuals and groups about the benefits of healthy eating.

Together, we can discover and share in the tools and information needed to successfully navigate life’s challenges.

The Journey to Real Wellness Continues at Nature’s Emporium

Together with you, our partners, and the incredible people who call Nature’s Emporium home every day, we will continue with our mission – one shared, healthy meal at a time. Thanks for making it possible!

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