4 Lifestyle Changes That Support Optimal Health for Men

Doctor explaining to patient via laptop computer for telemedicine and medical online e-health consultation.

It’s 2021, yet the cliché about men neglecting their health is still alive. June is Men’s Health Month, and we want to take this opportunity to try and help change this narrative. According to the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation, lifestyle is the greatest risk factor for men’s health. Only 30% of Canadian men’s chronic health…

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3 Yummy Summer Recipes to Try This May 24 Long Weekend

Barbecue Grill In The Open Air. Summer Holidays

Victoria Day is when we unofficially kick-off of the summer! It’s a great time to make the transition from spring foods into summer foods. Best of all, it’s also the kick-off of BBQ season! We want to help you celebrate this weekend. We’ve got some delicious and unique recipes that are perfect for the occasion:…

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Five Mother’s Day Gift Ideas You Can Get At Any Nature’s Emporium

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Coming up with new ideas to show all our mother figures our appreciation can be challenging. We, of course, have a few gift ideas to share with you! These gifts all have a self-care theme—something all of us can always use a little more. Essential Oils & Essential…

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What to do for Earth Day 2020

Today is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! We’ve put together a special blog post this week for you because today is Earth Day and we want to celebrate it with you! This year marks 50 years since the environmental movement began in 1970, making it a special anniversary! Earth day has a long history…

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Be Greener This Earth Month: Simple Things That Make a Huge Difference

Human hands holding Earth against a blurred cityscape background at dusk.

April is earth month! We take time to try and find different ways to celebrate our planet and all that it provides for us during this time. The earth provides perfect conditions for human life to flourish. Still, due to our increasing numbers, technological advances, overuse of resources, and lack of concern for where waste…

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Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Brain

A graphic of fresh vegetables in a drawing of a woman's head symbolizing health nutrition.

It’s Brain Awareness Week! During this time, we bring awareness and enthusiasm to support brain science. The brain is arguably the most important organ in the human body. It’s composed of all the things that make us human. The brain controls and coordinates actions and reactions, allowing us to think and feel. Due to the…

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5 Healthy Foods for National Nutrition Month

Hand turns dice and changes the expression "old habits" to "new habits."

What is National Nutrition Month and when is it? March is National Nutrition Month! This month, we focus on the importance of making informed food choices. It is about developing healthy eating habits. Unlike junk food and other refined snack foods, natural and essential nutrients actually nourish your brain and reduce hunger. They sustain your…

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Celebrate National Chilli Day with this Three Bean Vegan Chilli Recipe

Organic vegetarian chili in iron pot served with rosemary on a distressed wood country table.

February 25th is National Chili Day, and Nature’s Emporium wants to help you celebrate! Chilli can be packed with various nutrients and a delicious, warming food to reach during the colder months. Chillis usually contain chillies, peppers and beans – all excellent sources of fibre. Fibre works to boost your metabolism, slows the rate at…

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Video Recap – NExt Level Health Webinar: Managing Mental Health

Skip to Video We launched our first NExt Level Health Webinar last week, and we really kicked things off! Nature’s Emporium would like to thank everyone who attended on Zoom and watched via Facebook Live. Also, thank you so much to our amazing panellists Bryce Wylde, Brent Bishop, Kevin Frankish and Peter Neal of Neal…

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