10 New Year’s Resolutions for a Fresh Start

Because who doesn’t need one in 2021?

Happy New Year, everyone! A new year often signifies a new beginning for a lot of people. We know that 2020 wasn’t the best year for many, and many changes took place that we all had to adapt to. Hopefully, adapting to such extreme circumstances allowed for some internal growth from learning about yourself and the world around you. It was a rough struggle for some, and you are just looking for a fresh start.

Let’s face it – no one expected 2020 to be what it was. No matter who you are, there is always room for improvement and the start of a New Year is a perfect time to put those improvements into action!

We’ve put together ten of our favourite New Year’s Resolutions to ensure that 2021 starts off on a positive note for you. It is easy to implement the things on this list into your daily lives, we promise!

1. Start Your Day with Lemon Water

Lemon water held by a hand in a mason jar mug outside in the backyard garden. In the mug, there is a red and white pinstripe paper straw.

This sounds so easy, but starting off with a small but attainable goal will improve the likelihood of continuing it throughout the year.

Starting your day by drinking some warm water with lemon kick starts your digestion for the day.

2. Daily Journaling

A portrait of a serious-looking young woman thinking and writing in journal.

There is something very cathartic to putting your thoughts down on paper. Some people enjoy starting their day off writing, while others find solitude in doing it at the end of the day. Whatever time you choose, it’s a beneficial tool and a perfect New Year’s Resolution.

3. Make Time for Movement

A young woman watching sports training online on laptop and exercising at home.

Movement is necessary for optimal health. Any type of activity helps support your immune system and makes your bones and muscles happy. It also keeps your joints flexible and in good shape.

We’re not saying you have to build a home gym (you totally can if you want!). However, merely adding a daily walk, yoga, lifting light weights or even stretching to your routine is a pivotal resolution to pick up this year.

4. Meditate

A woman meditating at home in the morning.

For some, this may be a difficult task if quieting your mind can be a challenge. Still, as you start to feel the benefits of meditation, you will be so grateful you started this habit.

Not sure how to start? There are so many apps, books and resources online to make it easy for anyone to begin!

5. Spend More Time in Nature

A women in the forest on a bright day.

After the year we had, Mother Nature is one thing we should all be focusing on. Spending time in nature is so grounding for our bodies and mind. Walk around your neighbourhood or, better yet, submerge yourself in a forest.

Either way, you will feel rejuvenated after doing so!

6. Reduce Your Screen Time

A young woman browsing the internet on her laptop on a moody evening while laying on her couch.

Excessive screen time is linked to sleeping problems, weight gain, neurological issues and more. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to limit the amount of time you spend glued to screens.

Try replacing that time doing something more productive, like taking up a new hobby.

7. Try New Foods Every Week

A top-down image of passion fruit, dragon fruit, pineapple, papaya and a mangosteen cut into halves and lined up on a grey concrete countertop.

Did you know that most people eat the same 20-30 foods on average? Get out there and liven up your tastebuds with some new flavours by eating new food every week! Don’t be afraid of the produce department or adding in some plant-based options.

Increasing the different foods you eat helps increase the nutrients you are fueling your body with.

8. Improve Your Sleep

A man sleeping peacefully resting with eyes closed lying in a comfortable bed in his bedroom at home.

You spend one-third of your life sleeping. To say quality sleep is essential is still an understatement. Turn off your screens an hour before you head to bed and spend that time snuggled up with your loved one or furry friend or even read a book. Journalling or meditating works excellent during this time too. You will feel like a different person in the morning if you start doing this!

9. Drink More Water

An image of water pouring into a glass.

This again sounds like such a simple resolution, but it’s also one of the most important. Hydration is essential for your overall health. The body is made up of at least 70% water.

Therefore, ensuring you are replenishing it all the time is critical. A tip to ensure you make this happen is to always have a reusable water bottle by your side.

At Nature’s Emporium, we have plenty of great options to choose from!

10. Practice Self-Care

To be honest, any of the resolutions mentioned above are considered self-care because taking time for yourself, mind, and body is what it’s all about!

We told you this list would be easy!

You don’t need to take on all of these resolutions at once. Pick which ones resonate with you and start getting into the routine of incorporating them into your life. Hopefully, the year 2021 brings you much joy, happiness and health!

Nicole Ensoll, CNP

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