Check Out Gary Roberts’ High Performance Shopping List!

Fuel your fitness this Summer and beyond with Gary Roberts’ High Performance Grocery Shopping List – right here at Nature’s Emporium!

June is Men’s Health Month here at Nature’s Emporium, and we know from experience the essential role that physical fitness and the nutrition that fuels it plays in any wellness program.

That’s why we reached out to regular Nature’s Emporium shopper and good friend Gary Roberts to help us put together a High Performance Shopping List filled with performance boosting essentials for those looking to kick-start (or maintain) an active lifestyle this Summer.

When it comes to fitness and nutrition, few can speak with the same authority as Gary. He’s a 23-year NHL veteran, Stanley Cup winner, and a leader in high performance training and nutrition through his renowned Gary Roberts High Performance Training program. He works with top tier athletes, like Steve Stamkos and James Neal, as well as local teams and individuals looking to achieve peak performance and longevity in sport and life.

His own remarkable journey acted as the launchpad for remarkable success in such a competitive field.

My inspiration to start Gary Roberts High Performance Training has grown out of my own journey to regenerate myself after I suffered a serious neck injury that forced me to retire from the NHL in 1996. After two neck surgeries and a year of dedicated rehabilitation focusing on state-of-the-art training, regeneration and nutrition therapy, I was able to return to the game. Now my passion is educating young players, helping them avoid some of the obstacles I faced in my career, and ultimately giving them the best chance at longevity in the sport”

By using the High Performance Shopping List below (CLICK HERE to download the full sized list), you’ll be on track to properly fuelling your upcoming fitness endeavours both on and off the ice, field or water this Summer and beyond.


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