Your Healthy Recipe: Gluten-Free, Grain-Free Pumpkin Muffins!


Celebrate a Healthy Harvest with Grain-Free, Gluten-Free Pumpkin Goodness! For those of you looking to celebrate the season in good health, here’s a fantastic recipe to enjoy after heading to the local pumpkin patch! Remember to let us know what you think in the comments down below! Grain-Free, Gluten-Free Pumpkin Muffins Ingredients: 1/2 cup butter…

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Your Featured Healthy Recipe: Gingerbread French Toast

Gingerbread French Toast Wake up to the delightful aromas of cinnamon and ginger. This recipe for gingerbread French toast is perfect for breakfast. Ingredients 2 Nutri-Springs Farms eggs ½ cup Organic Meadow milk 1 tsp. Clef des Champs cinnamon 1 tsp. Clef des Champs Ginger ¼ tsp. Clef des Champs Allspice 3-4 slices Ezekiel 4:9…

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Featured Recipe: Gluten-Free Apricot Fruit Bread

Gluten Free Apricot Fruit Bread made with Brown rice Flour

Apricot Fruit Bread May marks the beginning of the apricot harvesting season. What better way to celebrate than with a delicious gluten-free apricot fruit bread recipe made with brown rice flour? Nutrients in apricots can help protect the heart and eyes. They’re also rich in dietary fiber and beta-carotene  which helps to prevent heart disease, among…

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Featured Recipe: Baby Spinach and Banana Smoothie

Baby Spinach and Banana Smoothie Begin your day with this delicious protein-packed and prostate cancer fighting super smoothie. Spinach has been shown to provide significant protection against aggressive forms of prostate cancer and is rich in vitamins and minerals and provide powerful antioxidant support. Spinach also provides excellent protection against inflammation, cardiovascular health issues, such as decreased…

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Featured Recipe: Green Goddess Smoothie

Green Goddess Smoothie. Blend this one for breakfast for a super-charged vitamin boost. One serving contains 10 g of cholesterol-lowering dietary fibre, over-the-top levels of vitamins A, C, K, and B complex, as well as potassium, magnesium, and copper.

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Featured Recipe: Green Chakra Smoothie (Heart Healthy)

Green Chakra Smoothie - Heart Health Month

Green Chakra Smoothie Makes 2 1/2 cups This nourishing green smoothie is delicious and filling, providing your body with necessary nutrients to maintain a healthy heart and cardiovascular system. It’s a rich source of antioxidants, protein, vitamins A, C & K as well as potassium, calcium, and trace minerals. Ingredients: ½ cup Kale ½ cup Spinach 2…

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