Keep Sinus Stuffiness and Congestion at Bay with A Vogel’s Sinna®

It’s Stuffy Sinus Season: Are You Looking for Natural solutions to help beat the stuffiness and congestion?   

This article was kindly provided to us by our friends at A.Vogel, renowned for their remarkable, all-natural herbal cold & flu solutions. We invite you to read their full story here.

Tiss the Season’ for Sinus Congestion!

The damp changing weather at this time of the year often brings on sinus congestion.  This may partly be due to the changing weather which can irritate the nasal membranes and cause inflammation of the mucous membranes lining the nasal cavity; in medical circles this is known as rhinitis. This initial swelling can cause obstruction of the nose and sinuses and lead to a more serious sinus infection.  

Keep Irritation and Dryness Under Control

When dealing with sinus ailments, it is important to use gentle remedies in order not to irritate or dry up the nasal membranes. Over‐the‐counter nasal sprays that contain antihistamines are often too harsh. Most of these medicines cause drowsiness, limiting their safe use in everyday activities.  

Don’t Choose Short Term Gain Over Long Term Pain!

Allopathic remedies for congestion may provide relief quickly, however they often worsen the condition by drying out upper respiratory passages to the point of making the body over compensate for this dehydration, thereby increasing congestion in the long run (when the drug wears off).

Work with the Bodies’ Natural Healing

During an infection, mucus is formed in order to excrete infecting organisms, drying this up goes against the body’s natural healing purpose of ridding itself of infection. Homeopathic products are particularly well suited for any type of sinus condition because they work gently without upsetting the delicate balance of the nasal mucosa.   

The Sinna Solution

Sinna® from A.Vogel works to reduce the swelling of inflamed and infected mucus membranes. It stabilizes the level of secretion.  Since Sinna® contains ingredients that act on the mucus membranes and specifically on purulent discharge, it it perfect for congestion due to colds.

Sinna® works at attacking the root of the congestion whether it be from infection or from an upset of the moisture level of the nasal membranes and it contains an ingredient that attacks the pain associated with sinus congestion (headache over the root of the nose, across the eyes and in the frontal sinuses). It can be used without fear of addiction for chronic sinus problems. It will not cause drowsiness nor does it have side effects.

Clinically Proven Results

Results of a multicenter trial in Switzerland, confirmed Sinna’s effectiveness.  In both acute and chronic sinusitis, Sinna® provided a significant reduction in the symptoms of sinusitis and was rated as having good to very good effectiveness in 63‐65% of the patients by the supervising physicians.  The patients themselves rated Sinna’s effectiveness higher – in 74‐75% of their cases.   And overall, Sinna® was considered well tolerated by about 90% of both the patients and physicians.

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