Featured Guest Post: Is Your Brain Hungry? With Jill Hewlett


Are nutrient deficiencies holding your brain back from performing its best and compromising your long term health and wellness? Jill Hewlett and Sharon Todd are co-founders of Brain Works Global Inc., Educational Kinesiologists, licensed Brain Gym® trainers, and Brain Fitness Experts.  This month, Jill will be in-store at Nature’s providing great opportunities to learn more about their unique program…

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Featured Guest Post: Choose the Road to Vibrant Health with Lisa Petty!


Lisa Petty is a nutritionist and healthy ageing expert for TV, Radio and Print. She has written extensively about achieving and maintaining vibrant health, and is the author of Living Beauty: Feel Great, Look Fabulous and Live Well – a modern guide to feeling younger at any age. She’ll be in store this month on…

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5 Healthy Tips for Healthy Heart Month!

healthy tips

5 Healthy Tips for Healthy Heart Month! Courtesy of Michael Morsillo, ND. You can connect with Michael and learn more about his practice at: http://drmorsillo.com/ 1. Be Active! – find ways to be more active throughout each day; exercising daily will improve your overall cardiovascular fitness. 2. De-Stress – be mindful of how stress is affecting you…

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Featured Guest Recipe: Wholly Guacamole – by Marni Wasserman

Wholly Guacamole

Enjoy a Healthy Spin on a Classic Guacamole – created by our upcoming featured guest Marni Wasserman! Simply said, Marni Wasserman’s life is rooted in healthy eating. Certified Chef,  Culinary Nutritionist, and founder of Marni Wasserman’s Food Studio & Lifestyle Shop located in midtown Toronto where she teaches her signature cooking classes, and offers collaborative workshops and…

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