Featured Guest Post: Is Your Brain Hungry? With Jill Hewlett

Are nutrient deficiencies holding your brain back from performing its best and compromising your long term health and wellness?

Jill Hewlett and Sharon Todd are co-founders of Brain Works Global Inc., Educational Kinesiologists, licensed Brain Gym® trainers, and Brain Fitness Experts.  This month, Jill will be in-store at Nature’s providing great opportunities to learn more about their unique program – and helping you build your Brain Fitness!

Is Your Brain Hungry?

By Jill Hewlett

A hungry brain can’t think properly, make good choices, be creative, problem solve or learn new material.  A chronically hungry brain is definitely not a Fit Brain and is susceptible to a mental health crisis and physical debilitation.

[blockquote_left] “Nutrition plays a significant and crucial role over the long run and the short run in brain health,” says Ray Sahelian, MD. [/blockquote_left]

I’m sure you wouldn’t argue that what you eat, or lack thereof, has an immediate and long term effect on your health and wellbeing. Thus the popular catch phrase, ‘We are what we eat!”

The issue is this: with the hustle and bustle of our fast paced society, many people have very unhealthy eating habits and a nutritionally deficient diet; and they don’t know what to do about it.

[blockquote_right] Early warning signs are not just symptoms of aging; they foreshadow the onset of disease.  Linus Pauling, author, chemist, biochemist, and two-time Nobel Prize Winner, has been quoted saying, “You can trace every sickness, ailment, and disease to a mineral deficiency.” [/blockquote_right]

For example, if you have thinning hair and cracked cuticles, you are experiencing a copper and fatty acid deficiency.  If left unattended, this lack can lead to much more severe problems.  If you wake up with “cotton” or dry mouth in the morning, this can be an early warning sign of sleep apnea.  Bone density decline means bones are more susceptible to breaks and to an increase risk of osteoporosis. Inflamed eyes could be a early sign of arthritis, because the same cellular process that causes inflammation in your joints can cause inflammation in your eyes, turning them red.  Graying skin, lacking the “glow” it used to have, may be a red flag for kidney problems.

All of these issues are a result of a nutritional deficiency.

How do you know if you are nutritionally deficient and potentially suffering from premature aging?

Do you have any of the early warning signs?  If so pay heed, it could be life-saving.  When these symptoms are addressed properly by giving the body and brain what it needs, your entire system will repair, replenish, and thrive.

[blockquote_left] The key components that make up essential nutrients are minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and fatty acids. [/blockquote_left]

People of all ages require these components on a daily basis from fetus to grave.   They are the raw materials and building blocks that fuel and sustain our physical, mental, emotional, and functional health.

These nutrients are called ‘essential’ because the body and brain can’t function properly without them.  Our systems do not produce them, so it is mandatory to ingest them on a daily supplementary basis.

Numerous cognitive processes are dependent directly and indirectly on micronutrients.  Cognitive processes such as energy metabolism in brain cells, blood supply to the brain, synthesis of neurotransmitters (chemicals released from a nerve cell to transmit an impulse to other cells), neurotransmitter binding to its receptors, nerve impulse propagation, and homocysteine metabolism. 

In other words, your body and brain must be fed the raw materials it needs to grow, to function properly, and to easily prevent premature aging and disease.

It is imperative that we all prioritize our brain health and make it a part of our positive lifestyle changes.  In return, we will develop healthy habits that benefit ourselves and our families, immediately, long term and for generations to come.

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Jill Hewlett and Sharon Todd are co-founders of Brain Works Global Inc., Educational Kinesiologists, licensed Brain Gym® trainers, and Brain Fitness Experts.  If you would like to learn more, we have Events Page in November at Nature’s Emporium locations or call 647-932.3273 or visit www.brainworksglobal.com