The Secret to Healthy, Glowing Skin

Your skin is your largest organ, and it is often the body’s first line of defence. That’s why keeping skin healthy, nourished, and strong is so essential to achieving optimal wellness.

Here are four ways to show love to the skin you’re in:

Healthy skin loves a well-balanced diet

A healthy glow comes from the inside-out! Try to limit your consumption of sugar, processed and fried foods. Reach for foods like organic fruits, organic vegetables, whole grains, fatty fish, and nuts.

Hydration is key

Drinking anywhere between three to four litres of water a day helps internal organs and your skin flush out toxins.


Exercise can help the skin detox and flush out any toxins. When you exercise, your skin perspires. This flushes out unwanted waste, toxins and impurities.

Use natural skin care products

The unfortunate truth about drinking water and skin is that water will reach all the other organs before it reaches the skin. That’s why it’s important to apply water to our skin and moisturize it so we can keep it there. Tons of conventional skincare products are filled with harmful chemicals causing breakouts and irritations. Natural skincare products are much more gentler on the skin. Their ingredients can help to soothe irritated skin and protect it from the external environment.

Woman apply paper mask skin care

Many natural ingredients found in products today have been used for centuries. Developed from ancient remedies, they have been known for their incredible benefits for the skin. Another massive bonus in choosing natural skin care products is that it is also better for the environment and is not harmful to animals. Nature’s Emporium has plenty of products in our health and beauty department. Feel free to reach out to any of our knowledgeable staff members in health and beauty if you need help finding a routine to best suit you and your needs.