Video Recap – NExt Level Health Webinar: Managing Mental Health

We launched our first NExt Level Health Webinar last week, and we really kicked things off! Nature’s Emporium would like to thank everyone who attended on Zoom and watched via Facebook Live. Also, thank you so much to our amazing panellists Bryce Wylde, Brent Bishop, Kevin Frankish and Peter Neal of Neal Brothers Foods. Thank you all for making the first webinar an amazing one!

We will keep hosting NExt Level Health Webinars and explore new topics regarding personal health and wellness. Our goal is to bring you information that you can apply right away—from experts you can trust. We hope that our communities thrive and create the healthiest lifestyles possible.

As a society, stigmas associated with mental health are prevalent and familiar. Men face stigma around seeking help for mental health. It is often seen as a “sign of weakness” that “real men” don’t ask for help and that talking about anxiety and depression won’t help.

This panel was comprised of some remarkable men who have all had personal experiences that inspired the entire online audience. They shared very useful information about managing mental health, and where they turned to support along their own journeys.

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Watch the Video Recap – NExt Level Heal Webinar: Managing Mental Health

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