New Year’s Resolutions Self-Check: How To Stay On Track

When it comes to improving your nutrition, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Where do you start? Our team of experts at Nature’s Emporium came up with five simple nutritional resolutions that are easy to implement and stick to all through 2021.

Eat More Plant-Based Foods

Incorporating more plant-based meals into your life is a simple way to fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to perform optimally. It is also an easy way to make sure you are including fruits and vegetables we often overlook. For example, try swapping out meat a few times a week for a yummy plant-based protein. Nature’s Emporium has an array of plant-based foods and substitutes to choose from that you can begin to add in to your new routine today!

Include Seasonal Menus

Replacing our regular food products with what is in season is a fresh and easy way to switch things up. Seasonal foods have a higher nutritional value, are cheaper, and taste better! Every Nature’s location makes it simple to find new and in-season produce to take home and experiment with. Some examples of seasonal foods are:


There are tomatoes, squash, blueberries, beets, garlic, apples, and peaches and more to choose from in the fall.


While local selection in the colder months is more limited, you may still see cauliflower, potatoes, apples and cabbage.


Spring is the season of growth! Keep your eyes peeled for rhubarb asparagus, strawberries, peas and lettuce.


Who doesn’t love the warm months? During the summer, we have lots of local raspberries, peppers, plums, onions, melons, cucumbers, corn and broccoli!

Eat the Rainbow

It is easy to gravitate towards the same product that we know and are comfortable with time after time, meal after meal. It is essential to expand our horizons by including different kinds of fruits and vegetables – “eat the rainbow.” Adding in different coloured produce to each meal is an effortless way to get more nutrients into your diet. Visit the produce department at your local Nature’s Emporium, where you can explore our selection of 100% certified organic produce!

Incorporate Fermented Foods into your Diet

Many of us have indulged in different goodies that don’t really serve our bodies after the holiday season. Fermented foods are an excellent way to get yourself back on track and support digestion. They are rich in probiotics, which adds beneficial bacteria and enzymes to your intestinal flora. This increases the health of your gut and digestive system, as well as enhances the immune system. We have a large selection, from kimchi to sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha and more for you to choose from.


This is the most straightforward resolution to make. Although it seems obvious, this one is often forgotten throughout the day. Hydration is critical for multiple reasons:

  • Regulation of body temperature
  • Prevention of infection
  • Ensuring joints are well lubricated
  • Delivery of nutrients to cells
  • Maintaining proper organs functions
  • Improvement in sleep quality, mood and cognition

If you’d like to go the extra mile and include electrolyte drinks, there are plenty you can choose from at any Nature’s location. Electrolytes are the minerals responsible for directing water to those areas in your body that need it the most, so it never hurts to give it a try.

Emily D'Addario


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