Men’s Health Month: Understanding BPH (Benign prostatic hyperplasia)

By Bahar Mahmoudi

Bahar is an International Pharmacy Graduate, Iridologist, holds a diploma in nutrition, and is a Natural Health Practitioner at Nature’s Emporium.

What is BPH?

Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a noncancerous (benign) enlargement of the prostate gland that can make urination difficult.

Usually, the diagnosis is based on results of a rectal examination, but a blood sample may be taken to check for prostate cancer.

What Causes BPH?

During puberty, the prostate goes through a phase of very rapid enlargement, but this levels off once puberty is completed. Starting in mid-life, the prostate begins growing again, but very slowly this time.

Due to the slow progression of this growth, most men do not notice any symptoms of BPH until they are older and the prostate has grown to such a size that men may have difficulty urinating and feel the need to urinate more often and more urgently.

As the prostate enlarges, it gradually compresses the urethra and blocks the flow of urine (urinary obstruction). When men with BPH urinate, the bladder may not empty completely. Consequently, urine stagnates in the bladder, making men susceptible to urinary tract infections and bladder stones. Prolonged obstruction can damage the kidneys.

Treating BPH with Supplements

A. Vogel Prostate 1 Sabalasan

Relieves frequent and urgent urination day and night and helps void the bladder completely. It relieves sexual dysfunction caused by enlarged prostate or by other BPH medications.

New Chapter Prostate 5LX

This product is a combination of saw palmetto (which has been dual extracted for higher efficacy), green tea, pumpkin seed oil and a few other compounds that have been shown to be beneficial complements. It supports healthy urine flow and modulates symptoms of prostate growth.

Douglas lab TestoQuench for men

This product is a combination of specific herbs that support normal function of testosterone, promote healthy prostate function, promote apoptosis of unhealthy prostate cells and support healthy brain function and stress adaptogen.

New roots prostate perform

This product is an effective prostate support formulation and relieves the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia including frequent urination particularly at night, inconsistent stream, the strain to urinate, prostate growth and fertility.

 Natural Factors Seleno Excell Selenium

This is a superior, easily absorbed form of the antioxidant mineral that works with vitamin E. This strong formula maintains prostate function and it aids in cardiovascular care.

Nature’s Sunshine Saw Palmetto

Improve prostate health naturally with Saw Palmetto. The fruit of this plant supports prostate gland health and helps balance hormones especially for men over 40.

Essential foods to boost male health:


Oysters contain adequate amounts of Zinc to protect you against cellular damage that leads to prostate cancer. It will also enhance sexual functioning of the male reproductive system, including sperm counts.

Brazil nuts

These large nuts from Brazil are packed with Selenium and magnesium powerful antioxidants that will help prevent heart disease, cancer and protect prostate health. They are so concentrated with Selenium however that you will want to keep your daily intake of Brazil nuts to within reasonable limits.

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