5 Healthy Tips for Non-GMO Month by Holistic Nutritionist Nicole Eckert!

Don’t miss these 5 Healthy Tips for Non-GMO Month from Registered Holistic Nutritionist Nicole Eckert – Holistic Nutritionist On-Duty here at Nature’s Emporium Newmarket.

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October is Non-GMO month here at Nature’s Emporium, and Nicole Eckert, our Holistic Nutritionist On-Duty at Nature’s Newmarket has put together a list of 5 healthy tips you can put to use in order to make a GMO-Free commitment!

1) Buy Organic!

When you buy organic you are opting out of Genetically Modified Organisms entirely! By definition, organic foods can not contain GMO either in the product itself, or in livestock feed for organic animal farming.

2) Look for the Non-GMO project seals.

The Non-GMO product stamp is verified to be in compliance with North America’s first and best known Third Party standard for GMO restriction.

3) Avoid Risky Ingredients.

If it is not labelled organic or labelled non-GMO, avoid products made with the top 8 GM foods: soy, corn, canola, cottonseed, sugar beet, papaya, zucchini and yellow squash.

4) Grow Your Own Food.

If you pick up certified organic seeds and plant your own foods, you will be avoiding GMO’s and your new “green thumb” will decrease your carbon footprint and decrease the time from “farm to table”. This winter, re-grow green onions, celery, lettuce, onions and mushrooms! Plus you can also grow sprouts and micro-greens. There are all kinds of great tools to help you get going, including sprouting equipment you can find here in-store!

5) Inspire Others.

You have very good reason to avoid GMO’s, for you and your family. By spreading awareness to people in your community, supporting organic farmers and educating your family on the subject. You are contributing to a positive change for our food system.

We wish you all a Happy Non-GMO Month. For further reading, don’t miss this post on GMO’s by Nature’s Nutritionist Bahar Mahmoudi!

-Your friends @ Nature’s Emporium