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5 Healthy Tips for Children’s Health Month

The choices we make for our children today can help them live a healthy and happy life tomorrow. As parents, it’s our responsibility to set our children up for success and ensure they are getting the nutrition they need along with the exercise they require, especially in the early years of their development.

Here are 5 Healthy Tips to help you continue successfully along the road to good health with your children!

1. Are your children getting the right portions? A child should have one portion of protein and one of carbohydrates at every meal. A portion of food is equal to the size of a child’s clenched fist or the palm of their hand and a child should eat four to seven portioned meals daily.

2. Avoid processed foods such as: conventional cookies, chips, and boxed cereals. They often contain hydrogenated fats as well as refined sugar and flour. Hydrogenated fats have been found to damage cellular membranes–a very important consideration for growing children. Refined sugar and flour consumption can create unwanted blood-sugar spikes!

3. Freshen up their diet! Ensure your child’s diet focuses on fruits, vegetables and whole grain products. Food in its natural, unrefined state contains the valuable nutrients, including live enzymes and fibre, necessary for playing, learning and growing. 

4. Stock your cupboards with healthy snacks! Make sure that there are healthy snacks in the fridge such as nuts, seeds, dried cranberries, raisins, frozen yogurt, cheese and vegetable sticks.

5. Prevent childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes by limiting your child’s sugar intake. Avoid products containing high-fructose corn syrup, especially soda pop, sugary sports drinks and candies.

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