Nature’s 5 Healthy Tips for Cancer Prevention Month

Make the most of your good health with these simple to follow cancer prevention tips!

April is Cancer Prevention Month here at Nature’s Emporium, and our nutrition team has put together a list of 5 great ways that you can prevent the development of Cancer in your body starting today! 

Remember, it’s never too late to make a positive change in your lifestyle. If you need help finding your path along the road to good health, be sure to join one of our in-store holistic nutritionists on a FREE store tour by clicking here!

Nature’s Top 5 Cancer Prevention Tips:

  1. Go Organic: Eating organic food reduces your intake of toxins like pesticides, herbicides, and organochlorines.
  2. Spice things up: Studies show that spices like cardamom, cayenne, ginger, rosemary, sage, thyme, and turmeric can have anti-microbial, antioxidant, and anti-tumorigenic properties.
  3. Add Omega-3 oils to your diet: Commonly found in fish and flaxseed, Omega-3 oils can reduce the risk of breast cancer and inhibit tumor growth. Try adding flax oil to smoothies, salad dressing, or steamed vegetables.
  4. Eat your Sprouts! Broccoli sprouts have been shown to inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells, detoxify the liver, and protect us against environmental chemicals. 5 grams of sprouts are equal to 50 grams of broccoli, so try adding them to your salads, soups, and smoothies!
  5. Enjoy more mushrooms: Shitake and Maitake mushrooms not only strengthen the immune system, they possess cancer-fighting properties and taste delivious in stir-fry, soups, and salads.

Don’t forget…

We’ll be sharing many Cancer fighting recipes and healthy tips throughout the month of April, so be sure to comment down below if you’ve got some tips to add yourself!

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