Run for Southlake Support Shoes Are Back – Put Your Feet on Our Walls!

Run for Southlake Support Shoes are Now Available In-Store at All Checkouts!

Don’t Miss a Great Opportunity to Transform a Life Close to Home!

Now in its third year, our partnership with Southlake Foundation continues with the upcoming 2015 Run or Walk for Southlake presented by Nature’s Emporium!

This community event supports the priority funding needs of Southlake Regional Health Centre, a precious resource within our community. If you live nearby, there’s a good chance that you or someone you know and care about has received care provided by the incredible team at Southlake.

We’ve Got a Great Way to Give Back!

We’ll have Southlake Support Shoes available at each of our checkouts until April 27th, where we’ll be accepting all donations. 100% of the proceeds will go toward the 2015 Run or Walk for Southlake, presented by Nature’s Emporium.

Your donation will earn you a ‘Support Shoe’ with your name on it, placed on our in-store wall-of-fame during the lead up to the run – a symbol of your commitment to our incredible community.

Whether you’re able to take part in the Run itself or not (there’s still time to register HERE!), we encourage you to put your feet on our walls and help support our amazing community hospital by purchasing a ‘Southlake Support Shoe‘ in-store!

Thank you for your continued support and generosity,

-Your Friends at Nature’s Emporium

PS: Stay tuned for more run details coming soon!

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