Raw Food and You: Healthy Living with Organic Raw Vegan Foods!

How You Can Boost Your Nutrition with  Vegan Organic Raw Foods Today!

What are Organic Raw Vegan Foods?

They are best thought of as fresh, ripe, organic, plant foods – free of animal ingredients or byproducts – in their whole, unprocessed, unrefined state. Fresh, vegan organic raw foods are considered to be at their peak nutritional profile.

The basic concept is simple: when we eat foods in their natural state, we get the most out of them!

Raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds are not broken down or degraded by heat, and retain their nutritional integrity as whole foods. This brings yet another benefit: incredibly efficient digestion!

What about digestion?

Consider this: If correctly combined or eaten on their own, raw fruits and vegetables are broken down and put to use in as little as 30 minutes. That makes them the perfect choice for a quick meal on the go, or before exercise!

Make the most of your nutrition!

Every time we eat food, nearly 60% of our blood supply is used for digestion. In short? We can benefit when we chose naturally fast and efficiently digesting foods that allow our blood to be available for many other important tasks required every day – like thinking, healing, exercising and living.

Having troubles with regularity? Raw foods can help!

Raw plant based foods are rich in both soluble and insoluble fibre  This promotes colon health, aids with bowel movements (reducing constipation) and helps your body to kick-out toxins and excess cholesterol, while providing necessary prebiotics (food) for our probiotics (healthy – good – gut bacteria!).

What are probiotics?

You can think of them as your own unique collection of friendly bacteria. You have trillions of them – more than the total number of cells in your own body! But don’t worry; these tiny allies have an incredibly powerful positive effect on our immune system, and even on our state of mind!

More is being discovered every day about the potential benefits and significant role that these beneficial bacteria have upon our daily well-being. Suffice it to say: these small fries punch well above their weight!

How can you benefit from including vegan organic raw foods in your daily diet?

Many people who consume a raw food rich diet report an important benefit to mental health, including a heightened sense of mental clarity, improved concentration and focus as well as mood elevation and improved sleep quality.

Vegan organic raw foods can also significantly boost your intake of important vitamins and minerals, which are often lacking in the standard North American diet (comprised mainly of processed and excessively cooked foods).

Start small – start today!

You can kick off your raw food experiment with as little as a smoothie or few focused servings of raw foods throughout the day – it’s simple and easy. Best of all? It tastes great!

We encourage you to give raw foods a try, and to experience the benefits for yourself!

And remember: if you’d like to explore a gourmet way to gain the benefits of the raw vegan lifestyle, come in and share a sample with us in our Raw Boutique: home to creative takes on traditional favourites, and decadent desserts you won’t find anywhere else!

Until then, we invite you to discover more about some of the topics we touched upon in this article, and look forward to seeing you soon in store!

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