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Get Ready to Make Significant, Lasting Changes in Your Life!

Join Nature’s Community Wellness Challenge – the Eat Well, Live Better Challenge,  September, 16th to November 25th: Monday Evenings from 7-8:30pm (check out our events page for more details!)

This amazing event spans 10 weeks, during which we’ll make lasting and significant changes to our lives as a group!

Two challenges every week:

Levelled approach with steps 1, 2, or 3 for beginners to advanced participants.

Week 1 – Sept 16:
Screening Food Matters

Join us for the first week of our 10 week challenge and meet all of our In-house nutritionists who will be guiding you through this health odyssey. We want you to be the best YOU that you can be and that begins with a healthy body. Each week you will learn something new and go away with “homework” or your challenge for that week. Before you know it, you will have made healthy habits to last a lifetime! Week 1 we will be screening the documentary “Food Matters” to get you thinking about what you can do to make changes in your life. You will also receive an information package with materials to get you started. Each week you will receive handouts/recipes so be sure to bring your folder with you. We look forward to supporting changes for a healthier lifestyle with you!

Week 2 – Sept 23:
Whole Foods and Supplements with Natasha & Anya

Join Natasha and Anya as they discuss why Organic is important as well as the benefits of whole foods and how you can  incorporate those foods into your diet.  In addition to a healthy diet supplements are an integral component to help  “fill in the gaps” . Discover 5 supplements that everyone can benefit from taking along with brand choices from our experts!


Week 3 – Sept 30:
Detox theme with Bahar & Laurie

Curious about detoxifying but unsure where to start? Join Laurie and Bahar as they explain the benefits of detoxification and how you can easily and effectively start this process with minimum discomfort and maximum benefits.

Week 4 – Oct 7:
Blood Sugar Balancing and Alkalizing the Diet  with Michelle

Join Diabetes expert Michelle Waithe as she discusses the importance of controlling blood sugar for optimal health and longevity. Learn what “alkalizing” means and how you can take steps towards a balanced, alkaline diet that will have you feeling focused and energetic in no time!

Week 5 – Oct 21:
Pantry clean-out: alternative substitutions
with Sherri & Michelle

Time to cleanse your pantry and ditch those nutrient void “foods” that are slowing you down. Learn which nutrient dense alternatives you can substitute to create a healthier kitchen. Michelle and Sherri will share their favourite pantry staples as well as to how to read food labels.

Week 6 – Oct 28:
Screening Hungry for Change film & Midpoint review.

Looking for a little inspiration? This week we will screen the documentary “Hungry for Change” which will open your eyes to the fact that your health is in your hands and that ultimately you are the best person to look after your body. This is a powerful film that has the power to transform your life! Sandra and Natasha will also be doing a midpoint review to see how you are progressing in this journey. Feel free to share your experiences!

Week 7 – Nov 4:
Digestion with Anya & Patty

“You are what you digest” and good health begins in the gut. Join Nutritionists, Patty and Anya, as they explain the importance of digestion, what can go wrong, and how you can improve your health by healing your gut.

Week 8 – Nov 11:
Stress with Patty & Sandra

We all know that stress plays havoc on our health but how exactly? Join Sandra and Patty for this important topic and learn how stress affects both our physical and mental health. Discover what you can do today to deal with stress. Sandra will teach you a simple breathing technique that’s easily incorporated into your daily life.

Week 9 – Nov 18:
Environmental Detox with Lili & Mayroo

So we have addressed what we put in the body, now it’s time to look at what we put on it and what chemicals may be in our living environments. Join Lili as she presents the dirty dozen chemicals to look for in your beauty products and presents some healthy alternatives to the most commonly used daily body care products. She will also help guide you in “cleaning” up your cleaning supplies!

Week 10 Nov 25:
Mind, Body, Spirit with Sandra & Laurie

You made it! You’ve supported the physical body and made some important changes. Don’t ignore the last piece of the puzzle. Sit back and relax with Sandra as she guides you through an awareness that will connect body, mind, and spirit. Laurie will support your emotional well-being using Bach Flower remedies. A perfect way to end the challenge.

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