Keep Your Kids Healthy with this All-In-One Kids Smoothie (Recipe Inside!)


It can be challenging to get our kids to take supplements. I have two boys who are picky and choosy about what they want to consume. That’s why I created this all-in-one smoothie! It has a vibrant pink colour using one of my 5-year-olds favourite fruits because of the name…Dragon Fruit!

I’m a fan too as this fruit offers up a tremendous amount of nutrients!

Included in this all-in-one-smoothie has protein, fibre, healthy fats, probiotics, vitamins and minerals with a delicious flavour that anyone can enjoy. Find all ingredients at any Nature’s Emporium location.

All-In-One Kids Smoothie

(ages 4+)


12 oz. Silk Unsweetened Coconut Milk (or any non-dairy beverage)

¼ cup Silk Unsweetened Vanilla Coconut Yogurt (any yogurt)

1 Pitaya Plus Dragon Fruit Smoothie pack (100 g)

1 cup Earthbound Farm Frozen Organic Strawberries

1 tbsp. + 1 tsp Nuts to You Nut Butter Organic Pumpkin Seed Butter

1 tsp Organic Traditions Lucuma powder

1 tbsp. Nature’s Emporium Creamed Honey

1 tsp Flaxy Flax Seed (Maple Cinnamon Flavour)

1 tsp Sealicious Omega-3 (Natural Maple Flavour)

2 scoops New Roots Children Probiotics

1 scoop Samuraw Organic Complete  

Served in Zo-li swirl glass cups, Drink in a Box container and GreenPaxx Straws.


Blend all ingredients in a high-powered blender

Serves 2

Nature's Emporium All In One Smoothie Product Group Shot

Here’s why I chose these ingredients:

Silk Coconut Yogurt & Milk: Dairy products can create congestion and inflammation for some. Non-dairy milk and yogurt is a great option especially during colder months when kids are sick more frequently.

Organic Dragon Fruit: This superfruit is packed with many essential nutrients such as Calcium, Iron, Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3 and C. It also has fibre and magnesium to help support the digestive system and heart health.

Organic Strawberries: This delicious fruit regulates blood sugar levels, promotes health eyesight and is great for immune support. Including strawberries in your children’s diet is especially important during the school year to prevent viruses and infections.

Nuts to you Nut Butter Organic Pumpkin Seed Butter: with healthy fats, iron and magnesium this butter is always a better option!

Organic Traditions Lucuma Powder: is a low GI sweetener that tastes like maple syrup and is  rich in antioxidants, fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Raw Honey (not for kids under 1): provides a boost of energy, has antibacterial properties and provides digestive benefits.

Flaxy Flax Seed: Flax seed contains healthy fats which helps to improve mood, focus, and concentration. It also helps children maintain regular bowel movements and boosts the immune system.

Sealicious Omega-3: A child’s neurological connections and pathways are laid down by age 3, but the brain cell development is a work in progress until late adolescence. Omega-3 fatty acids for in this fish oil support this growth.

New Roots Children Probiotics: A healthy gut equals a stronger immune system.

Samuraw Organic Complete:  Multivitamins are a great way to sneak in extra antioxidants and vitamins kids may be missing in their everyday diet. It helps to support the immune system and overall general health.

Miranda Malisani, Holistic Nutritionist Nature’s Emporium Spokesperson and Director of Health & Wellness

Contributor: Emily D’Addario