12 Must-Have Natural & Organic Cheeses for Healthy Holiday Entertaining!

Master the Art of Health Holiday Entertaining!

In the spirit of the holidays, our team of artisan cheese specialists have put together our list of ‘must-have cheeses for holiday entertaining success!’


No matter who you’re hosting at your next gathering, a pick from this list will be a sure palate-pleaser – so be sure to bring it along on your next visit!


Also, don’t forget to ask our health-conscious deli specialists for tips on putting together the perfect party platter; we’ll do everything we can to help ensure your gathering goes down in holiday history – for all the right reasons!

Until then, we wish you an incredible weekend – thank you for letting us share with you!

-Your Friends @ Nature’s

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NE-12-Festive-Holiday-Cheeses Holiday-Cheese-1---Blu-61 Holiday-Cheese-2---Kawartha-Aged-Cheddar Holiday-Cheese-3---Ni-He-Za-Brie Holiday-Cheese-4---Colston-Basset Holiday-Cheese-5---Brie-aux-Truffles Holiday-Cheese-6---Merlot-Bella-Vitano

Holiday-Cheese-7---Chateau-De-BourgogneHoliday-Cheese-8---Dolce-Autunno Holiday-Cheese-9---Beemster-XO Holiday-Cheese-10---L'ile-aux-grues-cheese Holiday-Cheese-11---Natural-Raclette Holiday-Cheese-12---Alpindon


  1. Melanie Sinclair on July 18, 2018 at 11:05 am

    I don’t eat cow dairy and you only had one selection of goat’s milk cheese.

    • TheNETeam on July 19, 2018 at 9:45 am

      Thanks for sharing, Melanie!

      We’ll keep that in mind the next time we put together a similar list.

      -Your friends @ Nature’s Emporium

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