Meat & Seafood

Do you know where your meat comes from? How the animals were raised? How the meat was processed?

At Nature’s Emporium, we've made answering those questions our mission, and we ask them every day while carefully selecting each of the local offerings featured in our fridges.

Nature's Emporium VAUGHAN - Interior - Sustainable Meat and Seafood Department

We believe that good quality meat starts at the farm! That's why all of our meats are 100% traditionally raised, many on small-scale family farms right nearby, without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones.

From beef to bison, poultry to pork, rabbit to venison and everything in between, our natural, organic, grass-fed, grain-free, gluten-free, omega-3 rich wild and nitrate-free selections are perfect for the whole family.

Nature's Emporium VAUGHAN - Interior - Sustainable Meat and Seafood Department

Taste the difference local makes, with incredible selections from Yorkshire ValleyFieldgate OrganicsRowe Farms, Mark's Mennonite Meats, Beretta FarmsBrooker's Meats and many more!

Are you a seafood lover concerned about sustainability?

We are pleased to offer Ontario fresh wild fish, fresh caught Whole Trout, Filleted Trout and White Fish. We're also proud to offer natural wood smoked White Fish, using kiln dried, pesticide free wood… made without harmful oils or resins!

Nature's Emporium VAUGHAN - Interior - Sustainable Meat and Seafood Department

If you're looking to try something new, but unsure of how to cook it, our knowledgeable staff will happily assist you with healthy grilling, seasoning and marinating tips. Just ask!

At Nature's Emporium, we believe that enjoying high quality meals shouldn't mean compromising your values.

Visit our meat and seafood department to support ethical, sustainable farming practices we can feel good about!

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