Stuck on the Sofa? These 4 Tips & Product Picks Will Help Get You Moving!

Want Wellness? Get Active… Get Moving!

Summer comes but once a year and while it lasts we owe it to ourselves to get outside and make the most of it.

Need a little extra incentive?

Consider this: enjoying as little as 30 minutes of activity daily can greatly reduce your risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer (including colon and breast cancer), Alzheimer’s Disease, Depression and general Cognitive Decline.

Who said there wasn’t a silver bullet, when it comes to health?


1) Walk – Whenever You Can!

It’s easy to underestimate the power of a simple walk, but it truly works health wonders. As little as 30 minutes of walking daily provides significant benefits to your heart health!


2) Go Swimming!

The summer is here and regular swimming – whether in the pool or at a local beach – offers an excellent full body, low impact workout for the whole family!


3) Stay Hydrated!

Remember: intense activity in the sun can quickly lead to dehydration. Be sure to consume water – with a dash of Himalayan salt to replenish minerals lost in sweat – as well as fresh fruit, which provides a great source of natural energy!


4) Guard Against Harmful UV Rays!

While the sun provides the ideal source of Vitamin D, it’s important to guard against skin damage that can increase long term cancer risk. Rather than chemical sunscreens, choose mineral sun-blocks made with natural or organic ingredients. We carry an amazing selection in-store, including locally sourced varieties from trusted Canadian brands like the Green Beaver Company!

3 Healthy Team Picks to Help Get You Moving!


Kaizen – Unflavoured Whey Protein:

Whey sourced from New Zealand is a healthy, clean and whole source of protein. New Zealand Whey is a great way to get the protein your body needs. Protein provides your body with energy, helps you feel full for a longer period of time and regulates metabolic processes while also helping to repair bones, cells and muscle tissue. The average North American diet lacks the recommended amount of protein, so an extra boost is something almost everyone can use!


Weleda – Arnica Muscle Soak:

This aromatic bath milk – made with only natural ingredients – helps soothe both your muscles and mind! Organic arnica and birch extracts help relieve feelings of fatigue and tiredness, while lavender and rosemary essential oils provide an uplifting natural fragrance. Arnica Muscle Soak is ideal after a workout to ease sore muscles, or anytime you need a calming, restorative bath.


Nature’s Exclusive: Kickstart Cold-Pressed Booster Shot:

While our juice bar menu is packed with fresh smoothies and cold pressed juices that are perfect for pre-workout, post-workout and everything in between, Kickstart – featuring highly oxygenating Cordyceps mushrooms – offers the key to unlocking your best performance yet. Try Kickstart – and our whole range of Superfood Boosters – today!

Make July Your Month to Move!

We hope you enjoyed our Team Picks & Healthy Tips for Get Active Month. Be sure to let us know your favourite activity – or an activity boosting product you love – in the comments down below!

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-Your friends @ Nature’s Emporium