Men’s Health Month Bonus Tip: Keep Your Stress in Check

Men’s Health Month Bonus Tip

Keep Your Stress in Check!

Stress can wreak havoc on your cardiovascular system and cause your blood pressure levels to rise. Continued stress on your cardiovascular system can lead to complications down the road. We recommend Yoga, meditation, and controlled deep breathing  to induce relaxation. All of these methods have positive effects on blood pressure.

Additionally, Inactivity and obesity contribute to high blood pressure. Regular exercise and physical activity have been shown to reduce stress levels and hypertension, while the resulting weight loss can have positive effects on blood pressure as well.

Get Started Today – Join our Walking Club!

Back by popular demand, our FREE walking club continues this month with a one hour walk from 6-7am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until the end of September. For additional information please visit this link or contact our customer service representative Kimberlee Simpson at Natures Emporium Newmarket at 905-898-1844.