In Memory of Our Friend Marlene MacPherson

Just this week, we learned with great sadness of the passing of our long-time friend – and remarkable community leader – Marlene MacPherson.

Many of you will remember Marlene through her work as a wellness ambassador and author under the Marlene’s Meal Makeovers name, which showcased her tireless will for change, grown out of a simple desire to better feed her family. Many more will remember her philanthropic efforts in association with LIPS – or Ladies in Philanthropy for Southlake – which has generated tens of thousands in life-saving funds for crucial healthcare equipment, and of which she was one of 6 founding members.

At Nature’s Emporium, we will remember her boundless enthusiasm and remarkable ability to instigate important change at the community level.

After all, our ongoing partnership with Southlake Foundation – now nearly three years strong – owes thanks to Marlene, who first brought our two  organizations together.


“It’s amazing to think of how much good has come out of that (Southlake Foundation) introduction – Marlene was such a positive force of Nature, who worked so hard for so many causes. We’re truly grateful for the time she shared with us.” – Mary D’Addario, Director of Philanthropy at Nature’s Emporium.

We’ll also remember her wonderful sense of humour, grounded by her great heart and authentic compassion. We’ll remember her true success as a mother. We’ll remember the time she so generously shared – be it through civic endeavours, or one-on-one inspiring talks with others battling Cancer.

We will remember Marlene as a woman filled with life who was not afraid to face her condition head on, despite a grave prognosis.


“When I think of Marlene, and all that she was going through, I’m amazed at her strength. She was in the fight of her life inside, but outside, you’d never know it – she put out so much good energy for the people around her.” – Joe D’Addario, President of Nature’s Emporium

In the end, it was Cancer that took Marlene from us and from the many people whom she inspired. Yet, as evidenced by the way that her inspiration continues to flourish within our community, it did not take away one ounce of her spirit.

Thank you for your many years of friendship Marlene. We will remember you always in our hearts.

-Your friends always,
the family at Nature’s Emporium