Introducing: A New And Improved Digital Flyer Experience For YOU!

Introducing: A New And Improved Digital Flyer Experience – Helping You Connect with the Products You Want!

If you’ve checked out our ‘Our Flyer’ page lately, you may have noticed that we’ve significantly updated your flyer viewing experience.

Our new flyer experience is powered by the folks at Flipp – the makers of the incredible Flipp App (available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play). It offers a powerful and much more functional way for your to find the specials you care about, and makes it simpler to keep track of them during your visit!

Using Our New Digital Flyer – How To Get Started:

Experiencing our new flyer view is as simple as entering your postal code at the first prompt (pictured below).



You’ll then have the option to choose your preferred Nature’s Emporium location.



On the occasion that we have multiple flyers available, you’ll then be presented with the option of choosing which flyer you would like to view. Following this selection, you’ll be introduced to our new flyer experience!

What’s great about our new flyer experience? It’s all about features!

Our new flyer viewing experience is packed with helpful features. Right off the get go, you have much more control regarding how you prefer viewing our flyer. What do we mean by control? For starters:

Choose between Page View or Grid View!

Page View offers a traditional, page by page view of the flyer. You can zoom in and out easily by clicking the zoom in or out icons on the top left (highlighted). You can also flip from page to page by either clicking the page turn arrows or clicking at any point along the slider on top (highlighted).


Grid View offers an item by item view, which will be familiar to anyone who has browsed for products online at a traditional e-commerce retailer. From this view, you can simply scroll through and view item details (shown below).

Nature's Flyer Experience Grid View General

Introducing: a brand new shopping list feature!

While both of these views offer a big improvement on the old scroll-only format, what we’re even more excited about is that either view offers you the ability to add the items you like to your shopping list!

In the traditional Page View, this is accomplished by simply clicking the items you are interested in. You’ll see a yellow circle appear around the item (shown in the screenshot below). This item – or items – will then appear in your shopping list (shown in the second screenshot below). You can deselect an item by clicking on it again, which will remove the yellow circle.


Once you’ve selected all of the items you’re interested in, you can then click the shopping list button, review your selections, and choose to email the list to yourself, print it, or – if you’ve changed your mind – clear all or individual items.


The shopping list feature works much the same in Grid View – you simply click ‘view details’ on the items you’re interested in, then click ‘add item to list’. Removal works by clicking the same button, which becomes ‘remove item from list’ after its been added.

Nature's Flyer Experience Grid View Add Item

Do you still prefer the previous view? No problem!

For those who prefer to view in PDF format, that capability is built in to the experience. Simply click the PDF/Print button (shown below). This will open the flyer in a new window, allowing you to view, save or print the PDF flyer in scrollable format.



Share Your Favourites!

You can also share individual items, your list or the flyer itself on your favourite social channels by clicking on the social icons found on each window!

We Hope You Enjoy!

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re happy to finally offer you a better way to connect with the products that you care about. Remember, your feedback matters. If you encounter any difficulties, or would simply like to let us know what you think, we happily invite you to do so by clicking the link below.

Share your feedback by Clicking Here!

Until then, we thank you for continuing to share with us and hope you enjoy our new flyer!

-Your Friends @ Nature’s