300 York Youth Will Sleep on the Street Tonight. Here’s How You Can Help!

“The only thing more Canadian than a toque is the generosity of our people who understand that homelessness is unacceptable, and a problem that can be solved.” – Stephen Gaetz, Board President and Director of the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness

At least 300 youth are homeless on any given night in the York Region. What’s worse, only 27 emergency shelter beds are available to them.

Enter 360° Kids (a local registered charity) and ‘Raising the Roof’. These two organizations are working hard to meet the crisis head on both locally and across Canada.

Their mission? To bring youth homelessness to an end.

Nature’s Emporium is proud to support 360° Kids and ‘Raising the Roof’. That’s why we’ve got ‘Raising the Roof’ Toques available in-store starting today and running throughout February.

You have the power to help end youth homelessness right here in the York Region, and across Canada. For as little as a $10 donation, youth in your neighbourhood gain real solutions.

How real?

  • one toque sale covers the cost of two hot meals or four bus passes for a youth to get to that important job interview
  • 10 toques fund one week of supportive housing for one youth, so he or she can get help developing the life-skills needed to break away from the street

We invite you to share a gift with someone in need. Buy your toque in-store  – or better yet, get one for you and a friend. Together, we can change the lives of youth in need!

Thank you for your support!
-Your friends @ Nature’s