Bye Bye Boring Burgers: 6 Ways to Up Your Burger Game!

Say Bye Bye to Boring Burgers with These Essential Burger Ingredients (Including Vegan Options!)

We’re deep into the summer season, and for many of us that means one thing: backyard grilling. Yet, for too many, that means the same old tired burgers with the same bland so-so toppings.

Worry not, grill warrior. We’re here to rescue you from the shame of another boring bbq.

The list below offers 6 essential ingredients that’ll help up your burger game. Try one, or mix and match from our suggestions below. We promise your burgers will be remembered for all the right reasons!


1. Heritage Cattle Co. Grass Fed Beef

A great burger needs great beef. We recommend Heritage Cattle Co. Grass Fed Beef – 100% locally grown in Keene Ontario, and humanely raised without the use of antibiotics. This beef lays the perfect foundation for an incredible burger!

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Looking for a Vegan Option? Try Gardein’s selection of vegan options, or earn super kudos by getting adventurous and crafting one using our exclusive recipe: Nature’s Baked Beet Burger Recipe


2. Fred’s Bread Burger Buns

Love your loaf. What is a delicious burger unless it’s nestled between deliciously artisanal, hand-shaped buns? Fred’s Bread delivers, without any unnecessary additives or preservatives.

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3.  Haskapa Jalapeno Haskap Relish

Be Bold. Haskapa Jalapeno Haskap Relish offers the perfect mix of deliciously spiced flavour with just the right hint of sweetness. Use in place of standard relish options, and you’ll be sure to have happy guests.

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4. Dore-Mi Grilling Cheese.

Elevate your cheeseburger with Dore-mi Grilling Cheese: it’s made for the grill! Try Haloumi with Mediterranean Spices; this semi-soft unripened cheese offers a unique experience that is sure to please even the most experienced griller.

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Looking for a Vegan Option? Daiya Pepperjack Shreds are a sure crowd pleaser.


5. Neal Brothers Truffle Mayonnaise

Move over Mayo. Go gourmet with Neal Brothers Truffle Mayonnaise and add an extra element of luxury to your meal. Bonus: It’s natural, gluten free and made with organic free run eggs!

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Looking for a Vegan Option? Chipotle Vegenaise Gourmet by Follow Your Heart hits the nail on the head!


6.  Greenbelt Microgreens Spicy Mix

Spice it up, while skipping the condiment overload: let your veggies to do double duty! Try Greenbelt Microgreens Spicy Mix, made up of arugula, ruby mustard and radish. This mix will be sure to add a welcome, healthy kick to your burger.

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Grill On, Grill Master.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of 6 essential ingredients to help up your burger game. We’d also love to know which secret ingredients are fuelling your grilling greatness – so be sure to leave a comment down below!

Happy Grilling,

-Your friends @ Nature’s