Our Garden Centre is Open – Here are Five Flowers your Mother will Love

Mother’s Day is this Sunday!

The Garden Centre at Nature’s Emporium Newmarket is finally open. Since mother’s day is this Sunday,  we thought we would feature our five most popular flowers. These flowers make a great gift – they’ll look beautiful in her garden and she’ll enjoy them for the whole season.

Pretty Pink Mandevilla

Covered with 3” pink flowers that contain yellow throats set against glossy green foliage, the pink mandevilla is a versatile plant that could be used to add vibrancy in any garden or serve as a wonderful accent on a patio or balcony. You can even try planting the mandevilla in hanging baskets too.

Caring for the mandevilla is simple. Plant the mandevilla in an area that receives partial to full sun, water it regularly to keep its soil moist, and occasionally trim its stems to a trellis to maintain its shape.

Sweet Sunblaze Rose

Beauty and versatility wrapped into one, the sunblaze rose is a landscape rose that blooms all summer and is ideal for filling smaller spaces in your garden. While our garden centre experts suggest planting the sunblaze rose along garden walkways and patios, they also happen to thrive in window boxes and pots located on decks and balconies that regularly receive plenty of sunlight.

Tip: Make sure you plant the sunblaze rose in rich soil and ask our garden centre experts for their recommendations on trimming to appropriate lengths next spring.

Azalea Tree

Azalea trees are renowned for their beauty. These shrubs are easy to care for since they can tolerate shade or partial sunlight exceptionally well. While they do require watering more frequently, you’ll be delighted when the Azalea tree blooms since it produces a splash of pink of flowers that last several weeks.

Clematis – “Dr. Ruppel”

The clematis, particularly the Dr. Ruppel variety you’ll find at Nature’s Emporium Newmarket, produces strikingly beautiful flowers that are a deep rose-pink with darker central bars and light chocolate coloured anthers. You’ll be amazed by their vibrancy and the splash of colour they provide when they bloom in May through June.

Our garden centre experts suggest planting these in patio containers, training them up a wall, or rambling through a shrub or tree.

Tip: Plant them in a sunny or lightly shaded area. In their first year, cut back all stems to 30cm in early spring. In their second year, cut back all stems to 1 metre in early spring. In their third year, cut back all stems to a pair of strong buds in early spring.

Amber Sunblaze

With its stunning, bright orange flowers that resemble a palette of a summer sunset, the amber sunblaze contrasts beautifully against semi-glossy, dark green foliage. Since it is colourful, bushy, and compact, and since it can reach a height of up to 60cm the amber sunblaze is great for filling spaces in your garden and adding a splash of colour. The amber sunblaze is charming in walkways and small gardens. It is easy to care for as well. Plant the amber sunblaze in rich soil and in area that receives a lot of sunlight and you’ll find that it provides abundant flowering all season. The amber sunblaze also happens to be exceptionally drought tolerant as well.