Don’t Miss Our Fair Trade Team Picks for Fair Trade Month!

Celebrate Fair Trade month with these top fair trade team picks!

May is Fair Trade month, and we’d love to help you celebrate the goodness that comes from all things fair trade.

That’s why we’ve gathered a list of top fair trade product picks from our team, chosen from the hundreds of fairtrade products you can find in-store.

Each of these amazing fairtrade offers you the chance to exercise your power to make a positive difference in the lives of farmers, producers and their communities.

Enjoy – and thank you for supporting such an important global initiative!

Nature’s Top Fair Trade Team Picks for Fair Trade Month:


1. Dr. Bronner’s – Lavender Organic Pump Soap

Good for your body and the earth! This soap helps keep your skin feeling clean, hydrated and smooth and is made with organic Fair Trade Sugar from Azucarera Paraguaya and Organic Fair Trade Coconut Oil from Sri Lanka.


2.  Alaffia – Shea & Coconut Shampoo

This rich shampoo helps keep your hair and scalp hydrated, improving the overall look of your hair all while encouraging new hair growth! Best of all? It’s made from certified Fair Trade shea butter and virgin coconut oil.


3. Pukka – Elegant English Breakfast Tea

Fairly traded Nam Lanh leaves give this timeless tea the perfect “English breakfast” flavour!


4. Maiga – Raw Shea Butter

There’s no doubt that Shea Butter is as close to a ‘miracle product’ as they come. It naturally moisturises, softens and heals aching skin, reduces wrinkles and stretch marks, eases the pain of arthritis and joint pain, and in this case, it’s sourced from fairtrade producers!


5. Doi Chang Coffee Co. – Chillin’

Chill out with this lightly roasted fruity coffee blend, made from a happy marriage of Thai, Peruvian, Guatemalan and Sumatran beans. Doi Chang goes beyond fair trade, and you can learn more about their beyond fair trade practices here:


6. Guayaki Yerba Mate – Enlighten Mint

This naturally energizing traditional beverage (similar to tea)  is made from Yerba Mate, which is known for its powerful restorative effects! In this case, it’s also fairtrade!


7.  Everyday Shea – Unscented Body Wash

Built on the principles of equality and empowerment this brand is making big waves in reducing poverty. Perfect for sensitive skin, give their body was a try!


8. DME Coconut Oil

This multi purpose healthy fat is always good to have on hand. As a food, it’s incredibly energizing, thanks to its high amounts of Medium Chain Triglycerides. It’s easily put to work in uses as diverse as: baking, cooking, frying, sautéing and even moisturising!


9. Green & Blacks – Hot Chocolate Drink

A decadent and delicious cup of hot chocolate is rarely a bad idea, especially when it supports equitable working and community conditions for the farmers who make it possible!


10. Wholesome Sweetener

Made from fairtrade organic sugar cane grown in South America, this refined sugar alternative is a great addition to any beverage or baked good recipe!


11. Camino Chocolate Bars

A treat for your sweet tooth! Choose from flavour options like mint, orange, sea salt, espresso and salted caramel – then get ready for the incredible satisfaction only delicious chocolate can deliver.

Be the Change You Want to See in the World!

We hope you enjoyed our list of top Fair Trade Team Picks for Fair Trade month. Each offers something naturally unique, while helping to supporting better communities for producers around the world.

Do you have a favourite fair trade product or producer? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

-Your friends @ Nature’s