Fresh Pizza

Traditionally Stone-Baked Natural & Organic Pizza, Made with Love by our Team!

Pizza Lovers Rejoice: we're proud to introduce to you our very own signature pizzas - with exciting flavoursspelt or gluten-free crusts, and made featuring the fantastic natural and organic ingredients you find in-store every day right here in our fresh department!

What makes our pizza special? It's all about the love!

At Nature's, we're passionate about healthy food. That's why we bake each pizza the traditional way, in our brand new stone oven, using great tasting, good-for-you ingredients like hand-tossed organic spelt100% organic vegetables and traditionally raised, nitrate & nitrite free meats.

After all, who says good health should come with a compromise in flavour?

Our pizza is available by the slice, or you can customize your 14" full pizza just the way you like it.

Fresh Pizza, Ready in Minutes!

The best part? It'll be ready before you're done your next shop - meaning you can bring home an extra treat any time you're in for a visit with us!

Try a free sample today!

If you'd like to experience the difference of traditionally stone baked, hand tossed natural and organic pizza for yourself, we invite you to come in for a free sample - fresh out of the oven!

We look forward to sharing a slice with you!

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Discover your new favourite traditionally hand-shaped pizza.

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