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We help you bring great health home to your family!

It seems like every day, there is something new to be concerned about – dangerous chemicals, unsafe toys, product recalls – all the things that make our jobs as parents more difficult.

With things changing so quickly every day, it’s good to know that there is a place you can count on – a place where kid-safe, non-toxic, sustainable and fun all come together.

Its all here waiting for you, in our Green Living Aisle!

Nature's Emporium VAUGHAN - Kids Corner

We’re always searching for ways to make your job as a parent, or a loved one, a little easier: Eco-friendly, child-friendly, functional and education products, each helping to take the guess-work out of the equation.

That’s why we showcase organic, 100% cotton and bamboo baby clothes – all free of all irritants and detergents, and extra soft for their delicate skin.

It's why we offer you completely natural footwear alternatives, made free of toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and heavy metals.

It’s why we feature a selection of children’s music from all over the world – culturally diverse and suitable for every moment, from bed time to party time.

We're passionate about eco-friendly children’s products: non-toxic, BPA free, lead free and worry free!

Check out our stainless steel and plastic bottles, sippy cups, lunchboxes and carry-alls made from fully recycled materials. Protect your child's delicate skin and the planet, with fully compostable diapers and gentle, alcohol-free wipes. Explore traditional, sustainable toys and games built to set your child’s imagination ablaze. Build new family traditions with innovative board games and more - everything you and your family need for a healthy, planet-friendly lifestyle!

Inspire your child's imagination, Naturally!

The next time you find yourself searching for the perfect way to keep a child you love entertained, or just to bring a parent some well-deserved peace of mind, visit the Green Living Aisle at Nature's Emporium, and leave the rest to us!

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