Giving Back

We believe that a healthy and whole community can only be built on our shared concern and respect for one another. That’s why we’ve always invested in our communities, through charitable efforts large and small. We invite you to explore some of our ongoing our commitments below.

Nature's Emporium-2018 Run For Southlake-70

We Give for Better Healthcare.

We've been the proud title sponsor of the annual Run or Walk for Southlake presented by Nature’s Emporium since 2013.

The funds raised from this remarkable event - over $1,000,000 NET to date - help to ensure that this incredible hospital has the equipment, technology and services needed to ensure that life-saving, world-class care is always there for us when we need it most.

We're Proud to Support These World Class Health Care Organizations In Our Community:

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margaret bahen hospice logo
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Dragonfly Wellness Logo
Hospice Vaughan Logo

"We believe that a healthy and whole community can only be built on our shared concern and respect for one another. That’s why we’ve always invested in our communities, through charitable efforts large and small. From our annual Run or Walk for Southlake, to our ongoing work with Neighbourhood Network, 360 Kids and Mackenzie Health, we’re committed to building strong foundations for thriving communities both locally and beyond."

-Joe D'Addario,
President, Nature's Emporium

We Give to Those In Need.

We know that happy, healthy communities are built on our shared love and concern for one another.

That's why we support local community organizations like Neighbourhood Network and 360° Kids, through our annual food drives and in-store fundraising events.

Together, we're working hard to eliminate hunger and youth homelessness in the communities that we're fortunate to call home. 

Natures Emporium Raising the Roof 360 Kids Group Photo

We're Proud to Contribute to these Incredible Community Building Organizations:

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Neighbourhood network
Burlington Food Bank
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"At Nature’s Emporium, our mission is to support the local communities that have helped us grow our business for the past 25 years. From school fundraisers, to local environmental initiatives, to hospices, food banks and shelters, to our partnerships with both Southlake Foundation and Mackenzie Health Foundation, we support causes that connect us to our neighbours. They mean so much to us. We hope to inspire others to do the same, for a stronger community that benefits us all."

-Mary D'Addario,
Director of Philanthropy

Burlington Green Presentation-Nature's Emporium-2018-07

We Give for the Next Generation.

We know that tomorrow can't be taken for granted.

That's why we've partnered with local conservation organizations, including the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority, Burlington Green and the Kortright Centre for Conservation, who are working hard to protect our precious local ecosystems and ensure that they are preserved for the next generation. 


We're Proud to Help these Conservation Organizations in Our Communities:

Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority Logo
Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

"We’re committed to protecting, preserving and promoting the health of the environment we all share. That's why we're taking all steps possible to reduce our impact, by educating our staff in partnership with the local conservation organizations we support, embracing the use of sustainable packaging materials, developing more sustainable operating practices and supporting the continued growth of the organic industry at large. We know that tomorrow can't be taken for granted, so we're dedicated to doing our part."

Joe D'Addario,
President, Nature's Emporium

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