Featured Product Partner: Vega – Plant-Based Vegan Products

Vega’s passion for plant-based nutrition is as much about empowering health as it is about supporting the health of our planet. But sustainability isn’t just about what goes into Vega products – sustainability is a part of everything they do.

Journey to Zero

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Because Vega means business when it comes to our planet, they treat their carbon footprint as a real indicator of their performance. Journey to Zero is Vega’s name for their process of taking action and being accountable to their goal of achieving a net-zero carbon footprint.


Vega’s passion for clean, plant-based nutrition that’s good for your body and fuels your healthy, active life isn’t the only reason Vega products are exclusively plant-based—it’s also a reflection of their commitment to the planet.


In Fall 2013, Vega switched to 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic bottles. They are the first in their category to switch from virgin HDPE plastic bottles to 100% PCR plastic bottles. This switch represents:

  1. Saved 278 tons of CO – 63% less CO greenhouse gas than virgin plastic . This much CO could fill 353 parade balloons, making a balloon-only parade 4 miles long.
  2. Diverted 233 tons of plastic from the waste stream. Made into Vega bottles stacked end-to-end, that’s a stack 58 times the height of Mount Everest.
  3. Used 14,865 million BTUs less energy – 86% less energy than virgin plasticThat’s enough energy saved to run 140 averaged detached single family homes in America for a year.

Doing Business Sustainably

Every element of Vega’s business operations holds an opportunity to make more sustainable choices. As part of their Journey to Zero, Vega has made changes to its manufacturing and logistics processes as well as its office in Vancouver, Canada since their initial sustainability audit in 2009.


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