Featured Product Partner: New Chapter – Sustainability Begins With Intention

New Chapter

The team at New Chapter believes that sustainability begins with Intention.

That intention is expressed through every act of business they perform, whether big or small. They focus on everything from recycled pens and used office furniture to closed loop corrugated cardboard systems, reducing their carbon footprint and the ethical sourcing of their botanicals.

They never forget the hard truth that business, by its very nature, can run counter to the planet’s well-being. They acknowledge the inherent damage that comes in association with the shipping and delivery of products to market. That’s why they continually assess their transporting, packaging, and sourcing practices, and working towards ever-evolving improvements. Conscious intent yields a more conscious product.

What else seperates New Chapter from the pack?

  • Whole food vitamins, using organic ingredients whenever possible
  • More than 85% of their products are non-GMO verified (Non-GMO Project)
  • Truly sustainably sourced fish oil products
  • Socially engaged – supporting the nutritional needs of future mothers at the Bumi Sehat birthing clinitics in Indonesia
  • Environmentally and socially responsible supply chain sourcing

Additionally, New Chapter is a certified B-Corp business – part of a community of businesses committed to inspiring social action by leading by example. Together they embrace holistic values of sustainability and social responsibility in all actions.

For all these reasons and more, we’re proud to offer New Chapter and their line of products in our ‘Wholistic Vitamin & Supplement Dispensary”!


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