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Until November 15th, purchase New Chapter Canada’s ‘Perfect Prenatal’ and make a difference in the lives of new mothers globally – by supporting the Bumi Sehat International Foundation!

According to the WHO, one woman dies in Indonesia every hour from complications related to child birth or pregnancy – a shocking indication of the risks women globally face when bringing new life into this world.

Our friends at New Chapter Canada are working to address this risk, providing nutritional support to the Bumi Sehat foundationhighlighted by a $10,000 dollar donation this month.

In support of this effort, Nature’s Emporium has committed to donating 5% of the proceeds from sales of New Chapter’s ‘Perfect Prenatal’ to the Bumi Sehat Foundation – a campaign which began in October and is running until November 15th.

Making a Difference – Globally.

The Bumi Sehat Foundation operates two community health education and birthing centres – one in Bali, and another in Post-Tsunami Aceh, Indonesia. These centres employ a blend of allopathic and holistic medicine, working to reduce suffering by protecting pregnancy, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding for more than 50,000 individuals.

If you’re considering purchasing a prenatal vitamin this month, consider choosing one with a positive global impact.

New Chapter’s ‘Perfect Prenatal’ is available in our supplement department.

Eat Well, Live Better,

-Your friends @ Nature’s

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